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Hello! I’m Camille Harris. If we met in person you’d probably get a hug hello and 3 hugs goodbye. Welcome to an inside look at my life and journal. I’m a 28 year old country & Christian singer-songwriter from Tulsa, Oklahoma from a family of 8 kids and 2 parents married 31 years, which I count as such a blessing. My sister and I have been on a music journey for the last 8 years in our duo called “Camille & Haley.” Music has really helped developed us and has taken us places that sometimes only music and God can.

As I thought of starting a blog, which has been in me for the last few years, I’ve struggled with how to make time for it when it seems like I should be putting all my energies in our music career, self development, working out, and time with the Lord.. but here I am. Part of me has to communicate what is most important to me and I’m really a teacher at heart. I don’t have the time to be polished and don’t have the desire to be trendy, so this is truly going to be what it says it is: Camille’s Journal. The sister I sing with, Haley, also takes all my pictures and proof reads some of my blogs. Check her other creative work out at @HaleyHarrisPhoto on Instagram.

I’m a big time self-development & Christian literature reader and podcast/motivational audio junkie.. and as the things I read and listen to enhance my life radically, I want to pass along the gold nuggets in a concise form because I know not everyone can put in as much time into learning as I can. I’m not married, don’t have any kids and I’m self-employed, which I believe is the easiest time to indulge in personal growth, though it is always an important and I think essential pursuit.

You’ll probably hear me quote Zig Ziglar a lot. He’s one of my main audio mentors who’s changed my life and I’m a firm believer in his mantra that “you can have everything you want in life if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.” I ponder what I want in life often and it seems to boil down to this: I want to help people have a deep, friendship like relationship with the Lord and to grow more passionate in my relationship with Him daily, I want to be prosperous and be able to give to the people and the causes I care about, and I want to help people discover and fulfill to their God given calling. If I could help people full time in some of the ways I’ve been helped by authors, my parents, pastors and mentors, I think that would be my definition of success.

A few about me’s before I go:

  • I like the color pink a good deal, as generic as it sounds. The older I get, the more feminine I feel.
  • The only thing I collect is mugs & maybe instruments. 🙂
  • I’ve played guitar since I was 10 and discovered I was a songwriter at 11. I actually starting writing songs at 7, but didn’t have an instrument. I believe God told me at 7 that I would be a singer. Unless I made that up in my head! Either way, it happened. 🙂
  • Cooking & Gardening are my hobbies. See my “Food Blog” on Instagram @CamilleMeals
  • I like to run short distance or workout with @AlexaJeanFitness’s 30 Day challenges and listen to motivational or Christian audio to make it all enjoyable.
  • I believe daily time with the Lord is an essential discipline and joy for every person looking to mature and be the most fruitful in their life and in the things of God. I can’t stress that enough. It’s changed my life.
  • Dark Chocolate has taken the place of all candy and milk chocolate in my life.
  • I stopped drinking Soda/Pop in 9th grade when I was a cheerleader and started learning about health.
  • I drink “Kangen” Alkaline water exclusively as far as water goes. We make it home from our water ionizer from Japan. We also sell the water machines for those interested. My info is below.
  • I do drink coffee, though I’ve tried to quit a few times. Usually without sugar. To me, coffee is a daily reminder that life is not so bad. 😉
  • My hair is naturally curly and I’ve never died it, but I curl it with a wand and my sisters Haley or Brooke cut it for me – for free!
  • I believe in accepting yourself, the things you can’t change, but I more believe in bettering yourself in the ways you can to become a more well-rounded vessel for the Lord to use and speak through.

Thank you for reading and being even slightly interested in me or what I have to say. I hope to be an aid in your journey toward Christ and your calling.

Camille Harris

Contact Info: 
Business #: 918-747-8377
Music Website: “www.TheSisterDuo.com”

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  1. Hey! My name is Erik, I am a 14 year old originally from Good Ole T-Town Oklahoma! I moved to Broken Arrow tho. Yesterday, my family and I went to the Irish-Fest, and I had seen you guys perform. I just loved the way you guys sound, the way you did “Ring Of Fire” was fantastic. And OMG! I forget what it was called, but you repeated “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” I LOVED that song!!!!I find it awesome that you guys are sisters and you started a band. You can really see each of your personalities come out when you sing, and that’s not something you see all that often. I really wanted to meet you guys but I had to leave after you guys stopped performing. I believe it is sisters like you, and bands like you that make the world just a little bit brighter. I am a huge fan now. You guys are amazing and I can’t wait to see what new songs you make! <3

    1. Wow Erik!! Thank you!!! We love Jesus & pray to be a light! It’s so fun to sing with Haley & my other sisters when they decide to sing with us too! & That was our first festival! & it brought out more nerves than usual 🙂 Ring of Fire is fun & yeah – we wrote the Kiss Me I’m Irish song! We’ll have to meet you & the fam! Do you go to church anywhere? Thank thank you!

      1. No, we don’t go to church. We all kinda have different beliefs. We all believe in different things. We’ve never gone to church. When I had heard you guys sing, I instantly became a fan. You guys are Awesome! You both have beautiful voices to go with it! I like how well you guys harmonize! I would love to see you guys play some more! I went to camilleandhaley.com and saw a picture of yalls family, you guys are beautiful! It so neat to see a band made up of family members. It must be a really good bonding experience! OMG I went back to the website and saw “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” on the front page and almost squealed! AHH! When I first heard it, it was instantly one of my favorite songs! I Love You Guys!!!!!

        1. Awww.. thank you!! Hope to get to meet you sometime! Haha I’m happy you liked the song!! We go to Victory Christian Center usually 🙂 This Easter weekend they have an amazing production going on that you’d probably love! We’ve sang in their productions a few times & they’re always impressive – & now they wrote a new play for every Christmas & Easter! Crazy creativity. I go to several showings almost every year 🙂 Thanks for looking into our music!! I hope to start blogging on Camille & Haley soon!

          1. Victory.com has all the times it’s showing – I think you’d love it! It’s playing Friday, Saturday & Sunday – 8 shows! Free 🙂 We thought about signing up to be in it this year but we’ve been too busy 🙂 Lemme know if you wanna go 🙂

          2. SO SORRY!!!! we were really busy on Easter! I really wanted to go but we couldn’t!!!!

          3. Lol No worries 🙂 It’s a fun event, but they do them every Christmas, Easter & 4th of July weekend if you ever want to stop in 🙂 & Every Sunday is always good too lol

          4. LOL OK!!! I’m sure whenever we have time on a Sunday (We are usually REALLY busy on Sundays, for whatever reason, its weird) We will stop by!!! So, what do you do at these events? We have a toddler and yea. Think you get it. Toddler, cry, bad. yea. XD

      2. So, I am trying to figure out how to raise 2250$ – 2750$ by Mid-December so that I could be a part of the BA Tiger Rhythm Show Choir, so I went looking online to try to find out different ways to raise money, there was normal things selling lemonade, house-sitting, baby-sitting, all that good stuff. But then I thought to street performing, because I play the cello, and I also dabble in singing too, so I was looking up the regulations of that in Tulsa, seeing if I were able to. I ended up making my way to the KTUL website and was just reading through the article, and it said “Ahh! We’re in trouble,” said sisters Haley and Camille Harris” And I went like WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!??!??! I think I just might know who they are! WHOA! Daz cool! Did not expect that when looking this stuff up!

        1. Haha that’s funny!! The news called us to do that cuz we know some of the reporters & they needed someone to do that story with – so they came to us on a cabinet refinishing job we were doing & filmed us outside. How crazy! & Good luck on your fundraising! It’ll come in. 🙂 I should do a blog on ways to make money.. or how to start a business. Or both! If it shows up, you’ll know you inspired it. 🙂

          1. and… I cant do them… Parents say its too much money. So, I can’t do show choir. The One thing that have wanted to be in this ENTIRE school year. Great. And I found out my friend was hiding things from me and lying to me. So, I had a great day! Yep!

          2. Stinks – Life & hobbies are expensive! Ask God to bring something else that’s awesome into your life if that doesn’t work out 🙂 Maybe learn an instrument?

  2. I thought stuff over, and i am going to be joining Chamber (Mixed) Choir!!! So excited for next year!!! Anyway, I was wondering, where are you guys going to be playing next? Like a place that i could go.

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