My Favorite Podcasts & Workout Audio

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It’s a reoccurring theme of self-development books that we need to be listening to 30 minutes of motivational audio a day and the easiest way I’ve found to do that is when I workout! Music is good, but it’s usually not going to advance your mind, so I put my earplugs in or connect my wireless speaker and it makes exercise something I actually look forward to! & I’ve grown so much from it. 

So here they are…

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How to Spend an Hour with the Lord

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A few years ago I went to the Philippines on a mission trip for a month and a half. It was the best trip I can remember. One day our team went on a prayer retreat to this oasis up in the hills at a Christian owned resort type place and everyone was sent off to spend an hour with the Lord with the instructions of coming back with what God told you. It had lots of bamboo “nipa huts” high on stilts, so that’s where I chose to go. It was was then I realized that I had never intentionally spent an hour with the Lord…

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