4 Tips For Blogging

4 Four Tips for blogging tipss for writing a blog bloggers 2017

1 – Write when you’re inspired.

It’s a discipline to write when you’re not inspired, which should be attained, but it’s so much more fun to write when you are! A good rule is to write when you’re inspired and edit when you’re not. Writing and blogging can feel irresponsible, and I suppose it can be depending on the content, but if you feel like you need to get helpful information out into the world, you gotta take the time to do it. Chances are you’ll waste time on Instagram and Facebook anyways, so use the time to write instead. 🙂


2 – Don’t try to be someone else.

We’re all learning what our style is and it’s easy to just go with what’s popular. But the more you read the same style of writing on several blogs, you see that it’s not authentically that person.

Bottom line, I think most blogs and writing should be to help people with what you’ve learned, so just write it like you feel it. People want to know the personality of the writer (you) behind the philosophy you’re sharing.


3 – Just write on what you know. 

An amazing missionary, Ladonna Osborn, told me that too many Christians are trying to be scholars and are speaking and writing on things they haven’t experienced, so there isn’t power behind their words. That stuck with me. It’s okay to be right where you are in life. Write about that.


4 – Don’t wait until things are perfect to publish a post. 

It’ll never be perfect. There’s always more you could add or change. I heard a movie maker say – “A movie is never finished. It just has to be done by the deadline and we push it out to the public.”

There’s a lot to be said about doing your best, but you can also be in molasses writing and re-writing. We all get better by doing, so we have to be okay with learning as we go. Plus, you can revise it later if you need to.  A good tip before posting though is to read it out loud to yourself and then to have someone else read it too. I should do that more. 🙂


Short post, but it just came to mind that it might be helpful and I was inspired to write it. I’m not even experienced enough to write this post because I’m still making run-on sentences and don’t have a popular blog, but whatever I pick up along the way I want to pass on for those who feel a little overwhelmed and/or feel your perfectionist working against you! (please refer back to point #4). 😉

🙂 Camille 

7 thoughts on “4 Tips For Blogging”

    1. Thank you Debbie! Got to be creative when you don’t go shopping much! Things show up out of nowhere somehow too.. but we do have 5 girls in the family. My older sister bought that skirt for us recently at Ross. If we do shop, it’s usually at Ross Dress for Less or just something on sale at Walmart or wherever. 🙂

  1. Wow! Well, God is good!

    Ross is a great place to get variety and discount.
    Nice to have sisters!

    I bet you guys are able to inspire each other with ideas! 🙂

  2. I like the one about post when your inspired and dont worry about it being perfect. That was helpful to me. Thank you!

    1. Yay! I need to get inspired again! Haha – I realized recently as a writer part of our job is to put ourselves in inspiring situations lol. 🙂 Whether by reading good books, taking time to be alone, doing things that make us come alive, spend time with the Lord, Journal, have good friends, make your house a place you want to be etc. Lol 🙂

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