20 Steps to a Balanced Life

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20 Steps to a Balanced Life success habits 2020

The laws of success have intrigued me for years and the more I’ve studied, the more repeating themes I’ve seen. We may not all achieve great wealth or prestige, but we can have some degree of personal success and balance in our lives that helps avoid craziness and catastrophes and starts moving us into our callings. We want to get to the point that our lives actually start positively affecting others in a greater way. I’ve listened to a lot of Zig Ziglar, Terri Savelle Foy, Clay Clark & Tony Robbins in my life and more recently added Jim Rohn – and they have helped shape my mind to get out of loser mentalities and believe and work for more! I keep the Bible as my main textbook though, as you can get to thinking that life is all about achieving your goals, getting more stuff, more money.. though all of those things can be really good – we must not neglect the main thing, which is a flourishing and full relationship with Jesus Christ, which will bring true joy into our lives, even while other things are unbalanced… Continue reading “20 Steps to a Balanced Life”

How to Love Reading the Bible

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I started reading the Bible when I was young, but I would usually read it by inspiration only.. if you know what I mean. It wasn’t until I turned 22 that I started reading it through every year and developed the discipline of getting “fresh manna” every morning. I didn’t have a ton of spiritual discipline in my life growing up and I thought that if I hadn’t read the Bible first, I shouldn’t read any other self-help or business book I wanted to read either.. so for a while I didn’t get any reading done at all! Wow…

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How Will You Be Remembered?

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This morning I was thinking about the unconscious impact our lives make on others because one of my best friend’s impact on me. Abby recently moved to Hawaii, but so often when she was around she would make green tea with chia seeds (which I would have never thought of), make all kinds of soup concoctions that always tasted amazing (and somehow included Kale), and she always encourages you, prays with you and sometimes pranks you. She also has the strongest back massaging hands sure to kill any strong-willed headache and a heart for the homeless and a love for strangers that doesn’t quit.. 

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Books That Have Changed My Life

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I don’t read fiction anymore. I did in elementary, but when I found business, self-help, leadership and classic Christian books.. I was hooked. I so strongly believe in the importance of life-long learning and reading. When someone tells me – “I hate reading” – I tend to believe that they just haven’t found the right books yet and that they’ve probably been forced to read a lot of uninteresting ones. I hope this list of the books I’ve read and enjoyed can be a starting point for your own adventure into the brilliant minds of hundreds of authors who can take you closer to where you want to be in life. Here are some of my favorites…

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How to Spend an Hour with the Lord

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A few years ago I went to the Philippines on a mission trip for a month and a half. It was the best trip I can remember. One day our team went on a prayer retreat to this oasis up in the hills at a Christian owned resort type place and everyone was sent off to spend an hour with the Lord with the instructions of coming back with what God told you. It had lots of bamboo “nipa huts” high on stilts, so that’s where I chose to go. It was was then I realized that I had never intentionally spent an hour with the Lord…

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