How to Spend an Hour with the Lord

A few years ago I went to the Philippines on a mission trip for a month and a half. It was the best trip I can remember. One day our team went on a prayer retreat to this oasis up in the hills at a Christian owned resort type place and everyone was sent off to spend an hour with the Lord with the instructions of coming back with what God told you. It had lots of bamboo “nipa huts” high on stilts, so that’s where I chose to go. It was was then I realized that I had never intentionally spent an hour with the Lord…

I’ve been a devoted Christian since 3 years old, had spent lots of time with God at church, loved and led worship, never backslid, and had read the Bible through several times on my own since my youth – but setting an amount of time for communion with God was often not my practice outside of church, though I prayed throughout the day and had a willing heart.

Soon after that trip my sister & I were singing at a church in Ohio and I saw a video that changed my spiritual life hopefully forever… It was about a guy seemingly in his 50s that didn’t seem like he had previously been very serious about God who was convinced by his pastor to find a chair, bring a Bible and a prayer journal, and have coffee with Jesus every morning before work. He didn’t think he had time, but as he put this discipline in his life things started changing. His wife could definitely tell a great difference in him. I got inspired and partially convicted. Here I am, a life-long “star” Christian that didn’t have the discipline of a newer disciple of Jesus.. so almost as soon as I got back to Tulsa, I found my own rocking chair to do the same, put it on my porch since I had no closet in the house I could get away, & quickly became hooked!

It’s been two years since then and I’ve kept it up just about every day since then and recently we moved and God gave me a walk in closet with a window, which is what I was praying for! So that’s my new getaway spot. 🙂 The thing is, it’s not about how long we spend with God, just like you don’t count how long you’re spending with a friend or someone enjoy being with as if it’s a chore. It quickly becomes a high point of your day and you begin to desire to be with him as often as possible!


I’ve found that there are a few things I almost always take with me in my alone time with the Lord:

1 – a Bible (I’m reading the King James Version & King James Easy Read (KJVER) now and I love them, but I’ve read or listened through the “New Living Translation”, “New King James” in the past) 

2 – Year Long Bible Plan (I use the “YouVersion” Bible app for this)

4 – Journal, Pen (or Evernote app)

5 – Daily Planner (I also use Evernote for this)

6 – Devotional or a classic Christian book ( is great too!)

7 – Bluetooth Speaker & Spotify to play Worship (Don Moen is my jam. Terry MacAlmon is great too!)

8 – Guitar (since I’m a songwriter to write to the Lord. I don’t always bring an instrument though.)

9 – The other things I do is pray in tongues often (personal language between you and God that the Lord gives you if you ask for it) and I practice listening to the Lord.


Here’s how it usually goes down:

– As I spend time with the Lord and pray (or try not to pray and just listen), He inspires new thoughts or brings up old dreams He’s given me that I try to capture in my journal, as well as devotional thoughts, prayers, and ideas. 

– As I read in my Bible, I often ask the Lord to make something come off the page to me, journal the verses and how God is speaking to me through them, and write how I want to apply it to my life. It’s easy to get into reading the Bible as a ritual instead of to get to know how God thinks and operates, so slowing down, asking the Holy Spirit to make the Word come alive to you helps break you out of a religiously reading the Bible rut.

– Also as I spend time alone, I’m reminded of plans and priorities for the day or week that I add or organize in my daily planner. An interesting fact given by Zig Ziglar, my favorite Christian motivational coach, is that all successful people spend 1-2 hours alone everyday, because we need it to remember where we’re going in life, set and review goals, give ourselves space to think, read, be thankful, and as Christians, time to listen to the Lord’s voice for direction or correction. 

– I find that without worship I can be doing “all the right things” but my time with the Lord can seem dry.. so I often turn on the worship and the tears start flowing or I can feel the Lord’s presence stronger. Spotify is such a blessing because I can get almost all the worship out there on tap anytime, and make playlists of my favorite songs.

– Praying in the Holy Spirit (aka “Tongues”): When I’m anxious, which has happened too often, or concerned, or just want to be more sensitive to the Lord’s voice and what He wants to do, I pray in the spirit. The awesome thing is that every time it makes a difference and God brings me peace or an answer or I just know I can trust Him with my life and the outcome. I got the gift of tongues at 6 years old in kids church and have prayed with so many people to receive it since then. If you want it, ask the Lord and find a Charismatic church leader who will pray with you to receive it if you don’t get it on your own.

That wraps this up, and I think that will help you in your journey with the Lord. I think you will find that an hour with the Lord isn’t enough, but it’s a good daily goal that will help you prioritize on being in His presence and grow in love with Him more. As you learn to come to Him regularly, you’ll find it’s addictive and probably wonder how you ever went without. So I encourage you to ask yourself this question that changed my life – Where’s your chair?

Thank you for reading,


how to spend an hour with the Lord Camille Harris

6 thoughts on “How to Spend an Hour with the Lord”

  1. I very much enjoy your blog.
    Good reminders.

    It is refreshing to hear about praying in tongues.

    I would like to hear more Christians talk about the blessings of praying in tongues. Also, of how they practice using that gift in their lives.

    How does it make them feel when they pray in tongues?

    Do they ever wonder if they are really praying in a heavenly language?

    Do they get bored with it? Do they feel better right away? More uplifted? Do they feel so peaceful they fall asleep.

    How long is long enough to accomplish something great!

    Do they wander off to pray rather than visit at social gatherings, because they get so focused on praying for long lengths of time? Is that healthy?

    Or, do they enjoy praying in tongues so much, that, they would rather be off on their own praying,
    and end up neglecting interacting with people that need their love and attention?

    How long does a person pray each day in tongues?

    Can they pray in tongues inwardly when going throughout the day?

    People have to have their mind on getting tasks done and interacting with people typically everyday, so can a person pray in tongues simultaneously?

    Lol. Lots of questions, and more, that people may wonder and not even know who to ask.

    1. Just saw this comment – thank you! Yeah I just asked my grandma about how she got filled 2 days ago & have been talking to my mom & sister about it after a good friend said they don’t pray in tongues anymore. I should make a blog on Speaking In Tongues.. thank you for the questions and thoughts! I feel praying in tongues is a gift I think anyone can have & that it’s very useful in a Christian’s life & there are many powerful before & after testimonies of people who received the gift.. got some studying to do!

  2. I have a question. So if spending time with the lord makes you prideful should you still do it? Just a super blunt summery of my question, I’d tell you the circumstances, but I think it’s to lengthy

    1. Lol We’re all prideful to some extent – but the closer we get to God, He should fix some of that. 🙂 The point of spending time with the Lord is not for others to see us but for us to become more like God & become more fruitful & be led by Him. It’s amazing the crazy stuff we realize we have in us that we need to get rid of as we spend time listening to the Lord. Really though, we just need to come in humility knowing we’re messed up and always going to need adjustment & ask Him to fix us. We can’t usually fix ourselves very well. Just listening can be one of the hardest things to do in your closet time – but it’s worth it. I need to listen more.
      Whether you feel it makes you or someone else proud to have consistent time with the Lord, be consistent anyway! It’s pretty hard to keep that discipline up, so if you have or you are, kudos to you. We become like those we hang around & the mentors we let speak to us & the books we read, so time with God & reading the Bible and asking God to reveal new things to us is so needed & beneficial. You may want to find someone that has the relationship with God that you would like to have and find out what their relationship looks like on a daily basis.
      Hope that helps.. 🙂

      1. Thanks for replaying to my question.

        It seems dumb to me now that I would become prideful just for spending time with the lord, I come from a big family (12) so I would basically do whatever they did. My mother was taught that to be a good Christion you had to spend an hour a day praying, so when she would skip praying she would feel guilt, like I’m a bad christion because I didn’t pray this mourning, long story short, God delivered her from that guilt saying that she didn’t have to do that in order to follow him, so that’s what I was taught from my mom. which is true you don’t have to spend time with him, but it’s for your benafit to spend time with him. I guess its kinda the some thing with tithing/offering you don’t have to. But it’s for your benafit. Anyway the pride I’m talking about here is not the whole, ohhh look at me I’m so spiritual, kind of pride. but pride of heart. When you say in your heart “their not following God because they don’t do this Or their doing that/I’m better Then them because I do this” it’s a very slippery slope that I was in when I basically decided that I did want God. So I would spend time with him, and then, well… you know what happened. I’m basically a recluse, so meeting people is hard for me (infj) I do listen/read scripture and I watch sermons/teachings but that’s not the same as having friends that I could talk to/be encoreged by, I try to get involved with church but if I don’t know anyone there, I kinda just, don’t. Ugh. Anyway thanks for replaying and listening to my kinda long story thing 😬

        1. Hey we’re all getting free from stuff – thanks for the story John. I’ve had to get over feeling guilty if I haven’t had or made the time – or what I’ve felt was enough time – to spend with the Lord. There are many seasons of life that pull on us, but the idea is to continue in our pursuit of the Lord. You’ve got your head on straight. 🙂 It’s hard to get connected and find friends sometimes – fortunately I have a big family and extended family which make up the bulk of my friends – and I have a few outside of that – so I’m on the friend search too. God will lead you – I’ve been coming out of too much isolation in the recent months & it’s good for me. 🙂 God will help you too! That awesome that you’ve decided you want the Lord for yourself! That’s the key 🙂

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