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Songwriting Workshops.

I have personally written or co-written 5 albums worth of recorded material and many more unrecorded songs and have a lot to share on the topic. My sister & I offer songwriting workshops which can be useful for your worship team, kids or youth interested in music, at your church, party etc..

Speaking Engagements.

My sister & I speak and sing at schools and churches on topics like:

  • Writing music and learning an instrument
  • The importance of reading & learning outside of school as well as soaking up your time in the classroom
  • Respect and appreciation for authority and teachers, why character matters, abstinence, why to be drug & alcohol free.

Music Lessons.

Via skype or in person if possible. Our schedule is very usually very full, but I have given lessons in the past.

Private Concerts.

Visit “” & “” to see the kind of music and entertainment we offer.






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Business Phone: 918-747-8377

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