How To Get Ahead Financially

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Finances are one of my favorite topics to talk about! If you’re my friend you probably already know that. I don’t come from money so everything I’ve learned and applied has been life changing. I’m not where I want to be (able to buy a house, working on retirement, and building assets) but I’m not where I was.. thinking $25 in my bank account was okay…

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How Will You Be Remembered?

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This morning I was thinking about the unconscious impact our lives make on others because one of my best friend’s impact on me. Abby recently moved to Hawaii, but so often when she was around she would make green tea with chia seeds (which I would have never thought of), make all kinds of soup concoctions that always tasted amazing (and somehow included Kale), and she always encourages you, prays with you and sometimes pranks you. She also has the strongest back massaging hands sure to kill any strong-willed headache and a heart for the homeless and a love for strangers that doesn’t quit.. 

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