How To Get Ahead Financially

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Finances are one of my favorite topics to talk about! If you’re my friend you probably already know that. I don’t come from money so everything I’ve learned and applied has been life changing. I’m not where I want to be (able to buy a house, working on retirement, and building assets) but I’m not where I was.. thinking $25 in my bank account was okay…

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How I Met Jesus

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I was a pretty bad person back in the day. You might not know by looking at me now, but up until 3 years old I didn’t know Jesus and I don’t want to think back to that dark time in my life…

Okay, so my first sins that I remember were lying about leaving the tricycle out (I got my mouth washed out with soap for that one) & lying about spilling the chocolate milk on the carpet to my aunt. I didn’t want to lose her favor – as if that would do it… 😉

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